Puppy Love Valentine’s Day Party

Come celebrate your Canine Valentine with  

At Home Veterinary Care Center

in Barkster’s Playground and Splash Zone

Saturday, February 16th

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm  Puppies

2:00pm – 4:00pm  Adult  Dogs

$10.00 per Pet with RSVP

$12.00 per Pet at the door 

*Pets must be fully vaccinated to attend*

— Games and Activities       — Agility Park Puppy Portraits    –Sweets and Treats

Register Phone  (850)-274-5710 

Update on Diet-Associated Dilated Cardiomyopathy

We recently came across this article and thought it was important enough to share with you. If you have questions about your pet’s diet, you are always welcomed to call us.  

You may have read my June 4 post, “A broken heart: Risk of heart disease in boutique or grain-free diets and exotic ingredients.”  This post had more than 180,000 page views in the first week and continues to get more than 2000 page views a day.   So, I’m pleased that people are interested in this important issue and trying to learn about it.  But I’ve also found a tremendous amount of confusion and misinformation in the past 5 months including people who doubt that this is a real issue, some who still haven’t heard about it, and people who mistakenly think it’s just grain-free diets or that it’s only related to taurine.

As a result of the continued confusion, some of my cardiologist colleagues and I wrote an article which was published in the latest issue of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.  This article provides a summary of our current understanding of diet-associated dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), how to recognize it, and a recommended protocol for veterinarians to follow when they see dogs with DCM.

To read the complete article, click here.

Hey Santa!


All I want for Christmas, Santa, is a forever home. You know me. I’m Oscar. I have been good all year. I even went to obedience class. All a person has to do to meet me is call At Home Veterinary Care at 850-274-5710. That’s all I want, Santa. I want a home.

Barktoberfest Costume Contest Winners!

We had a great time at Barktoberfest this year. Even though the weather was a bit wet we had a great turnout. It was hard to decide which costumes were the best but here they are.

The little Sailor Boy won first place, Woof in Sheep Clothing won second place, Hershey’s Kiss won third place, and Lizard won fourth place. There were some other great costumes and we’ll post them in a later posting. Congratulations winners!





Agility is for Everyone!

Marcia Cook and her dog Lucy

Marcia Cook and her dog Lucy

We have so much fun in Agility. This is a fun class that is designed to create a closer bond with you and your dog and, like Marcia Cooks says in her video, she wanted her rescue dog to “gain confidence.”

There are no barrier restrictions on dogs and dog sizes and there is no barrier restriction with a person’s activity level or age. This is an interactive dog and handler “team” class. It is meant for big dogs and little dogs. It is meant for all people, young and even older. Some people have had so much fun they have taken the class more than once!

Do you want to have a closer bond with your dog? Do you want to have fun? Join our next Agility class by contacting us at At Home Veterinary Care. You can go on-line and pre-register at athomevet.care or give us a call at 850-274-5710.​


It’s Time to RALLY!!

One more week and our Rally class will begin. Don’t lose out working with your dog as a team for beginning, medium, and advanced obedience skill play. Rally consists of 10-15 stations where you and your dog perform an obedience skill. It could be a “sit-stay.” It could be an “about turn.” Or it could be a “halt-sit-down.” You will also learn new and more advanced  obedience skills during the class. This is a fun interactive training class. Your dog will utilize obedience skills learned previously in a fun way. They will also learn new obedience skills.

Register now! Only one more week and classes will start October 03, 2017 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Register online at athomevet.care or give us a call at 850-274-5710 to get more details.

Register NOW!

Our Canine Good Citizen class will be starting this Thursday, 08/31/17. Call now to reserve your spot. You and your dog will learn things like “sit,” “down,” “stay,” walk politely on a leash and much, much more. You can also register on-line at athomevet.care. Not sure this is the class for you and your dog? Give us a call and our trainer will contact you and tell you about all the classes we offer year-round.

Call us NOW at 850-274-5710 today to see what class is right for you and your dog.