What to Expect


Here at At Home Veterinary Care, not only will you find a state-of-the-art facility, but you will discover that we do things a bit differently than other veterinary clinics. What makes us different is that we recognize you and your furry family members as a family unit, and we value that bond by utilizing our One Health approach to assure that we do all we can to keep your entire family healthy.

Each exam will include an in-depth medical history review and a complete nose-to-tail physical examination by an experienced Veterinarian. Our goal is to get to know your pet in both sickness and in health so that we will immediately notice lumps and bumps or changes in gait or behavior that may signal a developing problem.

We specialize in low stress handling techniques for both cats and dogs, while utilizing extensive knowledge of behavior and dog and cat “language” to keep them happy during their entire visit.